Contact details of Officials of District Co-ordination Committee, Khotang जिल्ला समन्वय समिति खोटाङका नवनिर्वाचित प्रमुख,उपप्रमुख तथा सदस्यहरूको पदभार ग्रहण कार्यक्रम तथा जिल्ला समन्वय समितिको प्रथम बैठक सम्पन्न। खोटाङ जिल्लाका साविक विभिन्न गाविसहरूका भूकम्प प्रभावित प्रबलिकरण (Retrofitting) मा परेका लाभग्राहीहरूको नामावली। खोटाङ जिल्लाको प्रथम जिल्ला सभाको बैठक सम्पन्न। योजना सम्पन्न पश्चात उपभोक्ता समितिलाई धन्यबाद ज्ञापन तथा योजना हस्तान्तरण कार्यको थालनी। निजी आवास पुनर्निर्माणको लागि प्रथम किस्ता अनुदान वितरण कार्यक्रमको सुरुवात। रुपाकोट मझुवागढी नगरपालिकाको फोहर व्यवस्थापन अभियान शुभारम्भ कार्यक्रम भव्यताका साथ सम्पन्न। Invitation for Bids for the construction of Tawa Bridge along Diktel-Khotangbazar Road !!! Approved Beneficiary list of Khotang-Fourth List! Approved Beneficiary list of Khotang-Third List! Approved Beneficiary list of Khotang-Second List! Notice about Earthquake Victims-Approved Beneficiary list of Khotang! Local Level units in Khotang District Invitation for bids for the excavation of Khanidanda-Regmitar Road Section from Regmitar (chainage 22+452) onwards !!! (First date of Notice Publication :22nd February 2017) District Rate – FY 2073/74 केहि गुनासो, सुझाव, सल्लाह भए आफ्नो मोबाइल को message box मा गएर ddc space आफ्नो message लेखि 37001 मा पठाउनुहोस् । तपाईंको उचित गुनासो, सुझाव, सल्लाहलाई जिल्ला विकास समिति, खोटाङले सम्बोधन गर्नेछ ।

Brief Introduction

Khotang is one of the hilly districts situated in eastern region of Nepal. The district has been bordered by Bhojpur district in the east, Udayapur district in the south, Okhaldhunga district in the west and Solukhumbu district in the North. Khotang district is a remote district of eastern region of Nepal (sometimes compared with  Karnali Zone of mid-western region) and is predominantly rural with an average population density of around 130 persons per square Kilometer (km2).External as well as internal accessibility in the district is too difficult. Diktel Bazaar, having a population of approximately 8,867; is the headquarters of the district. There are altogether 1 Municipality, 72 VDCs and two electoral constituents in the district.

The district is not linked by any all-weather road yet, although mid-hill highway passes through the district. Roads from Katari and Gaighat are approaching to Khotang district. But, due to having no bridges at Ghurmi (over Sunkoshi), Jayaramghat (over Dudhkoshi) and Phoksingtar (over Sunkoshi); external accessibility of the district has remained seasonal yet. There are three airports operating in the district namely Lamidanda, Khanidanda and Khotang Bazaar where service at Khanidanda is seasonal yet and Khotang Bazaar has no service at the moment.

The total population of the district is 205,225 (census 2011) comprising 109,156 females and 96,069 males. The average household size and life expectancy in the district are 4.84 and 65 respectively. Major ethnic groups residing in the district are Rai, Brahman, Chhetri, Dalit, Janajati. Similarly, it is found that Nepali, Rai, Tamang, Sherpa are languages spoken within the district. Whilst the average literacy rate is about 50.20 % but only about 38.8% of the women are literate. Approximately 56% of the district area is covered with forest. And about 42% of the district area is under cultivation.

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